Manager: Sal Horiuchi



Hale Haumana has 18 units, 9 units on the 1st floor and 9 units on the 2nd floor. Each unit is designed to house 3 students.


The corner units (4 total) have 3 bedrooms. Each student pays $600.00 per month.


The remaining 14 units have 2 bedrooms.

First bedroom is a single (non-shared) at $580 per month.

Second bedroom is a double (shared- 2 persons) at $490 per person per month.


Security deposits are required, equal to first month’s rent.


Electricity is included with rent up to $100.00 per unit. Students are responsible for the over usage of $100.00. Water is included.


Cable TV/Internet outlets are available; students are responsible for setting up services with a provider.


No parking fees.